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The First Catholic Church in
Fort Smith, Arkansas






Stewarship Program:

Electronic Contributions


We are glad to be able to offer you the “Auto-Contribution” Stewardship Program, a new way of contributing toward sustaining the work of God at Immaculate Conception Church. When you participate, your bank will transfer your gift conveniently each week or month from your checking or savings account directly to Immaculate Conception Church. Your gift will go further than ever before, because:


Our income will be more predictable, allowing us to make solid commitments to new projects and current obligations.


Our administrative costs will be reduced.


You may make your contributions even when you are on vacation, ill, or otherwise unable to attend the worship service at IC.


As a participant of the program, you are still free to make additional gifts by check or cash as the Lord provides. Your bank statement will show the deduction and you only need to make the entry in your check register. A statement of your contributions will still be furnished to you at the end of the year for tax purposes.



How to join…


1) Use this enrollment form to indicate the amount and frequency at which you wish to contribute from your checking or savings account.

2) Print your name and all information.

3) Sign and date this enrollment form.

4) Attach a voided check of your account.

5) Return this form to the Church Office (in person or by mail) with a voided check. It’s that simple!


Automatic Stewardship Program Form