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Fr. John's Literature


Many generations of children have passed through the classrooms and halls of Immaculate Conception School in Fort Smith, St. Joseph School in Fayetteville, and St. Theresa School in Little Rock since they first opened their doors. In our schools, children have received the best Catholic education with a strong academic curriculum and enrichment programs and, above all, a healthy environment in which they can learn about and serve God. We are convinced that by providing excellent education in the Catholic tradition, we will help our children obtain the necessary tools to reach their full potential as the individuals God calls them to be.

To ensure that our schools will continue to provide quality Catholic education to the children of our communities, a few years ago, the schools established a permanent safety net called Endowment Funds. The money donated to these funds is invested and the interest earned is used to fund the operating budgets of both schools.





With the well-being of these three Catholic Schools, Fr. John, Pastor of Immaculate Conception, former pastor of St. Joseph, and St. Theresa’s Alumni requested that proceeds from the sale of his first book “Oh, For The Love of God” be destined to Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph Schools’ Endowment Funds as part of the “Tomorrow’s Promise Campaign” effort. Proceeds from Fr. John’s second book "Oh, for Heaven's Sake," along with the abridged audio series, are destined to St. Theresa School as part of the “Roses from Heaven Campaign” effort.







Fr. John has received popular acclaim for his ability to inspire others to live a more Christ-centered life through his profound, humorous messages and engaging gift of speech. His books are compilation of his most memorable homilies. In his first book, “Oh, For The Love of God,” Fr. John describes the different ways the Lord has spoken to Fr. John, which may help the reader hear how He is speaking to him or her. The chapters are: Discipleship, Fellowship, Grace, Self-Awareness and Discernment. In his second book,  "Oh, for Heaven's Sake," Fr. John organized his homilies in four areas of spirituality to help others seek God’s will: Christian Living, Marriage & Family, Spiritual Warfare and Liturgical Seasons.







In the words of Fr. John:
“It has been said that, “It takes a village” to raise our children. However, the village doesn't always teach Christian values. Instead, a parent’s best partner for giving his or her children a solid formation is Catholic Schools. For seven hours a day, five days a week, Catholic School children breathe the air of faith, academic excellence and high moral standards.”






If you are interested in acquiring any of the books or the audio series, please contact Cindy McNally
at the Church Office 479-783-7963 or download an order form here